NullSoft software engineering group has started its activities with the aim of providing services like designing and programming software projects with competent standards. Undoubtedly, achieving this goal demands high accuracy and effort, but what we are sure of is our will and interest to serve all users whether Persian or non-Persian speakers. Obviously we're at the beginning, however years of activity in this field and performing various software projects assure us to take steps in such a difficult path. All main and secondary (those who will be added to the group in some projects) members work under NullSoft are committed to adhere to the principle of quality in the services provided. It should be also noted that having necessary and applied expertise for each member of the group is obligatory and those who are not in line with the professional norms and laws of NullSoft will not be allowed to join the group. Citing the above subjects, it can be said with certainty that we will design and implement your software projects with the high quality and based on the software engineering principles.
One of our major intellectual challenges to advance the goals of NullSoft was not to limit our work domain to Iran and our attempt was to provide the work flow on different projects in such a way that in qualitative terms to be able to offer services to other countries as well.
Enhancing the quality of works provided in the context of the prevailing standards in the world is not something to be achieved by chance. Therefore, by inserting a variety of goals and perspectives we decided to keep NullSoft, though small, alive in world of software production and development.
All phases of project development in NullSoft will be performed in a structured and academic form. System analysis, projected tariffs, project design and development process etc. are among these stages. It is worth mentioning that all users can be aware of our activities using other parts of the website and also to communicate with members of NullSoft via contact forms on the site.

Multimedia Design

design, programming and implementation of multimedia applications using Flash technology and with the ability to run in various platforms.

Website Design

design and programming web pages.

Graphic Design

projects related to computer graphics (CG).

Description Of Services Introduced

in process of multimedia software development, the technology of Adobe Flash and Action Script 3.0 programming language is used.

HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 with Jquery and other functional technologies are used in web design projects.

All applicable projects in NullSoft engineering group will be designed, implemented and supported with the latest technologies in the world.

Development Tools

After the process of analysis of the specific project, the best technology will be selected for implementation and its development process will be done.


Introduction of Group skills

Software Development

systems analysis and programming apps is provided under various contexts using Microsoft.Net Technology and based on software engineering methodologies.


Optimization of Web pages standard in various search engines.



Iran Canada Institute Website

This website was designed and implemented using ASP.NET programming language and Microsoft Access database and aiming at introducing the group and also interactions with design and implementation students. GUI of this project was met great interest in its time. Graphics of the project is designed based on the environmental and educational structure of this center.


Multimedia Software Of Ministry Of Education

This multimedia software was designed and implemented based on Flash technology (Adobe Flash) and using Action Script 2.0 programming language. The purpose of this software is implementing an electronic test using user-friendly and attractive animations in practical environments. Graphics of this project is performed in a team.


Weblog Layout Creator Software

BTC 0.25 application was designed and implemented with the aim of implementing blog template under the service of BLOGFA without having the knowledge of design and programming under architecture of Microsoft.NET. This application due to its original idea has been well-treated by all Persian language users.


Professor Amin Official Website

This website was performed aiming at introducing activities and works of Professor Amin. The technologies used in this project are Adobe Flash, HTML, CSS designed and implemented in a practical and graphical collection to achieve the goal of introducing the services and activities. The graphics in this website is in line with its programming structure.


Mojtaba Golnouri

Mojtaba Golnouri

Systems Analyst and Programmer

I am a systems analyst and software developer. I also design and implement Multimedia software projects under various platforms and in terms of such expertise I work as a permanent member in NullSoft. In process of software project development, I make use of Microsoft.NET and in Multimedia project design, I use Adobe Flash and Action Script 3.0. Programming language. Integrating the above points with software engineering perspectives, I try to do the projects properly.

List of some of Capabilities...
Mohammad Ali Etemadi

Mohammad Ali Etemadi

Designer Of User Interface

I work in the field of designing and implementation of web pages and project user interface as well as website SEO in NullSoft software group. In the process of designing projects, I make use of the latest technologies available on the web, including HTML5.0 and CSS3.0 along with Jquery. Combining the items listed above with the software engineering methodologies and as a permanent member of the group, I would undertake the design of such projects in NullSoft. I'm a user interface designer and to date I have worked on various projects and I would try to design and implement correctly the team project related to me.

List of some of Capabilities...

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